NES (Never Ending Summer)

by Missives

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Recorded over a few weeks in Bruner's living room and DB's closet in RIchmond.


released July 12, 2012

Matt Wentz - Guitar, Pez, Tattoos, Beard 1
Billy Mutter - Guitar, Vocals, Cursing, Beers
Zach Wentz - Bass, Vocals, Practice Hosting, Tattoos, Beard 2
Zach Nelson - Drums, Outdoor Equipment, Good Ideas

All songs written by Missives
Recorded by Daniel Behm at 6N6
Big ups to E.C. (and the future) Mrs. Bruner for allowing us to fill their home with loud music, piles of cables, and craft beer bottles.

Ooooooooo, Fred's got slacks on the boulevard



all rights reserved


Missives Richmond, Virginia

Four piece rock outfit from Richmond, VA.

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Track Name: Circa '02
Grab your coat
I'll meet you at the World Cup down on Robinson Street
and then
We'll ride our bikes
To Chugger's for some cheap beer and some karaoke

Those moments faded fast
But they're still such a part of me
And those days are dead and gone
But they're living on inside of me

And our parents said "enjoy it while it lasts"
But what did they know anyway
When Thursday nights meant dimly lit street lamps
And a dance party on Franklin Street

Six to a car
We're going to the train tracks down at West Point to see
The lantern man
Then Clifton for the Bunny Man Bridge that shit still scares me

Park your car behind the bridge
Take seven steps in to the woods
You'll see all you want to see
The lady at seven eleven told me

And our parents said "enjoy it while it lasts"
But what did they know anyway
When Friday nights meant beer on Wentz's porch
And a couch burning on West Grace Street
Track Name: Film at 11
Better days do lie ahead
At least that's what the daily said
They're crafting stories, pushing pens
On the trusting populace

Read me
And you'll find out
I'm all the news that's fit to print

And the stories
Will pan out
The future's looking pretty dim

Bolt your doors, your windows latch
The evening news has told me that
A killer's coming to bust down your door
Just like the hundred times before

This evening
You will see
All the news on your TV

But sometimes
You'll find out
It's only what they want you to see
Track Name: Your Hand in Mine
Lying awake
My worries overtaking me now
And then you throw your arm around me
And I know that we'll make somehow

And I
Won't just lay down
And die
With you by my side

There is no telling how
Things will always work out
Together we can bury those doubts
Put your hand in mine

There was a time
I couldn't plant my feet on the ground
The house shook from the tremors outside
So you carried me so I wouldn't fall down
Track Name: NES (Never Ending Summer)
Have you ever seen
The sunset on the Chickahominy
Ten people sleeping on the floor
I got there late and I couldn't open the god damned door

And all good things
Must come to an end
Even between
The strongest of friends

And still I sing it now

I hope the summer never ends
Because maybe we would still be friends

Relationships are prone to change
Just look at the choice we made
I don't want to point the blame
Time will take it's course and friends they will be replaced

We would still
We would still be
We would still
We would still be

I hope the summer never ends
Track Name: Intent and Action
He held her by the hand
Then fell down to one knee
And said "know I trust in you
Please say you'll trust in me"

"I could never give you up"
She said most definitely
"And this ring is a symbol of
My undying love unto thee"

And they exchanged words
That had a sort of tangible meaning
And then they made promises they'd keep

It was the proper thing to do
It was the way they thought they knew

He walked her to car
She fumbled for her keys
And said "I won't tell on you
If you don't tell on me"

"I could never give you up"
He said most definitely
While his wife just sat at home
Flipping channels on their TV

Remember when words
They had some sort of tangible meaning
And people made promises they'd keep
And people thought about the things they'd say
And how they lived their lives from day to day
Was a reflection of their best intents
And not just the step they thought was next

Remember when words
They had some sort of tangible meaning
And people made promises they'd keep

It was the proper thing to do
It was the way they thought they knew

They thought they knew
Track Name: The Stableford
Have you ever stopped to look
Have you even stopped to think about
The things you do and say
And how they aren't the same

You move so swiftly
With a devious intent
But no one knows what you're doing
Until you've done it to them

This could be the future
But in my eyes
It looks more like a case of
The right place at the right time

It doesn't matter how hard you may drive
Sometimes you just can't stick the perfect lie
It doesn't matter how hard you may try
You won't stick that lie

Do you remember
The things you said to me
It wasn't so long ago
When you spoke with sincerity

I used to be believe it
There was a message without words
Now everything I hear
Just sounds so fucking absurd

Now tell me how does it feel now
To have to carry those doubts
It's such a heavy burden
Trying to figure it out

Like a race to the finish
Where nobody drew the line
And everybody's all done now
And the struggle is all mine